Entertainment and Attractions Developments

In 1991 Melchers Project Management (MPM) was established and since then became a large supplier of visitor attractions and associated services in the Asia Pacific region. MPM offers industrial materials and spare parts to construction, marine, offshore, amusement park and sports facilities. MPM not only supplies high technology machinery and material but further offers excellent support service.


MPM has put together a team of experienced professionals to provide the following services: 

  • Installation, start-up and commissioning 
  • Warranty and repair 
  • Product and application training
  • Arrangement of specific domestic and regional seminars
  • Efficient and flexible warehouse facilities
  • Logistics

MPM is based in Singapore and has three business activities:

  • Ride supply
  • Development and operation of large scale visitor attractions
  • Technical consultancy and project management service


Please visit MPM’s website or contact us directly for further details.