Through established partnerships with market leaders Melchers offers a wide range of printing products such as ink, blankets, chemicals, rollers, plates, doctor blades and solvent recovery systems. Across all printing suppliers we choose partners who rank amongst the best in their class. Knowing our clients and their particular needs, we expand our portfolio and maintain partnerships with global brands.

Graphic & Industrial Rollers

Melchers Malaysia Graphic Industrial Rollers

As the supplier of rollers, we fulfill our customer requirements with proven solutions for foil extrusion, transport, packaging and cigarette machines.

Please visit Sauer’s website or contact us directly for product details.

Printing chemicals

Melchers Malaysia Printing Chemicals

Melchers distributes its own formulations of printing chemicals. Under the brand name Melco we deliver products of the finest quality at competitive prices.

Anilox Cleaner
Fountain Solution
Negative Corrector
Plate Cleaner
Plate Gum
Positive Corrector
Positive Developer

Doctor Blades

Melchers Malaysia Doctor Blades

Melchers supplies doctor blades that can be used for rotogravure and flexographic printing as well as for coating applications.

These doctor blades are available in the below varieties:
• Standard high-density carbon steel blades with a refined microstructure suitable for standard rotogravure and flexographic printing as well as coating applications with solvent and water based inks.
• Plus high-density carbon steel blades with an ultra refined microstructure suitable for working with abrasive inks to ensure efficient printing press performance.
• Stainless ultra-refined doctor blades for high corrosion resistance and suitable for printing with water based and high PH value inks.

We offer doctor blades in the following edge configurations:
• Lamella/Step edge ensures that constantly a contact area with the cylinder is maintained for uniform printing results.
• Strong Lamella/Step edge type is tapered according to customer requirements. The blade has a gradual contact edge plus increased strength to better support the lamella.
• Other edge configurations are available upon request e.g. round edge.

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Melchers Malaysia INK2

Melchers has been cooperating successfully with the hubergroup in Asia for more than 30 years. The hubergroup is one of the worlds’ largest printing ink manufacturers. In cooperation with hubergroup, Melchers is able to provide strong and immediate customer support and customized product solutions. The new generation of UV-inks from the hubergroup offer a multitude of advantages such as fresh, intensive colours, excellent flow properties and consistently high quality. NewV is suitable for all kind of different substrates and printing processes from offset, letterpress and flexo to hybrid printing.

The hubergroup NewV series comprises:
• Special UV offset inks for sensitive product packaging
• High-gloss hybrid inks for printing in the hybrid process
• UV offset inks for printing on films
• UV letterpress inks for printing labels
• UV flexo inks for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
• UV varnishes for offset and flexo presses and varnishing machines for finishing and special effects
• Fount concentrates for UV printing
• UV auxiliaries for print optimisation

hubergroup continues to develop new products. The latest offering is the INKredible ink technology. INKredible inks show a much superior performance in terms of setting, gloss and rub resistance. The ideal process series for rich colour printing in enhanced colour gamut.

Please visit hubergroup’s website or contact us directly for further product details.


Melchers Malaysia Blankets2

Melchers supplies offset printing blankets in the web, sheetfed newspaper, business forms, metal decorating and packaging industries. Our premium printing blankets are well known for their excellent and high reliability. They ensure high printing accuracy, quick installation and ease of use. With our partner Phoenix we equip our customers with the best productive material to enable them to get the best printing results.

Please visit Phoenix's website or contact us directly for product details.


Melchers Malaysia Plates

Under the brand name Melco Thermal CtP Plates Melchers has devoloped a high resolution, image accurate and reliable plate. Melco Thermal’s substrate is electronically grained. The anodized aluminium is supplied by worldwide known aluminium manufactures to ensure exact tolerance and excellent lithographic performance. The upper thermal sensitive layer reacts on infrared light and provides very fast imaging speed.

Melco Thermal Ctp Plate key specifications:
• Positive working, thermally exposed, IR sensitive laser plate
• Applicable for web offset and sheetfed
• Electronically grained and anodized aluminum
• Thickness from 0.15mm, 0,25mm to 0,30mm
• Spectral sensitivity from 800 to 850 nm and 0,30 mm
• Energy requirement from 140 to 180 mJ/sqcm, depending on spectral fit
• Image resolution from 2 to 98 % dot rendering at 300Idpi
• Dark blue image colour
• Melco Thermal CTP developer
• Developing time from 0,7 to 1,2m/minute at 22-23°C temperature
• Run Length 100.000 without post baking and 1.000.000 without post baking
• Post baking at approximately 280°C for 1 to 2 minutes
• Finishing Melco Plate Gum
• Safe light daylight working
• Shelf Life 12 months when stored under ambient conditions with less than 25°C and 35 to 37% relative humidity

Melco PS Plate is the answer to the demand for fast exposure speed and rapid processing as well as high copy resolution and exceptional latitude in preparation. The plate is ideal for step-and-repeat work due to its speed and high contrast on exposure.

Melco PS Plate key specifications:
• High exposure sensitivity and reduced processing time
• High copy resolution that permits the reproduction of stochastic screens for FM and conventional high screen films
• Ample exposure latitude
• High contrast both after exposure with colour change and after development
• Optimum and rapid contact between film and plate due to special surface treatment
• Ample exposure latitude
• Anodic layer of high physical and chemical reistance
• Rapid ink-water balance between film and plate due to special surface treatment
• High capacity print runs
• Applicable for sheet fed presses, web presses, cartons, metal decorating and continuous stationary

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Photopolymer and Flexo Plates

Melchers Malaysia Photopolymer And Flexo Plates

Our product range includes photopolymer plates that also refer to one of two types of plates used in flexography. The Flexo plates can be used in all kinds of flexographic machines.

Melchers supplies the Jet AR Series for flexo plates. These plates are mainly used in quality flexography such as flexible packaging, labels, paper, and aluminium foil. The AR plate features excellent calibration and a dimensionally stable polyester base and is in particular recommended for half tone jobs and usage with aggressiv inks that contain ethyl acetate. The standard plate thicknesses are 1,70mm, 2,84mm and 4,7mm (other thicknesses upon request).

We also supply water washable photopolymer printing plates, which are applicable for printing labels, tube, form, security, tampon printing and dry offset. Additionally, we offer printshops machinery for plate making, exposure, rotary exposure, automatic brush washer and dryer. Applicable for flow line systems for plate sizes with 250x350mm upto a maximum of 800x1100mm. The standard thicknesses are 0,73mm, 0,94mm and 1,75mm (other thicknesses upon request).

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Solvent Recovery Systems

Melchers Malaysia Solvent recovery systems2

Melchers is able to supply distillers, which allow the recycling, and reuse of degreasing and washing solvents. Through a simple distillation process, they separate the contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. The boiling of the solvent is accomplished by a peripheral heating jacket filled with diathermic oil and heated by an electrical element.
The vapours are then convoyed to a condenser cooled by air or water. For ist reuse the condensed solvent is collected in a tank. The contaminants remain as a residue inside a disposable bag named "Rec-Bag" or by tilting the unit itself. The distilled solvent characteristics are not altered by the distillation process, which can be carried on repeatedly.

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Doodle Ink

Melchers Malaysia Doodle ink

Melchers supplies the kit for the doodle ink printing technique. Our partner Matsui manufactures hydro-chromic white which is a special binder that changes repeatedly from white to transparent when wetted with water and changes back to the original white when dried, for screen printing onto cotton, polyester, nylon, their blended fabric, nonwoven fabric, and other fabric. Therefore, through printing the binder over a design, it is concealed with white in dried condition and appears when the binder becomes transparent with water. Also, the coating is soft to the touch and excellent in water resistant and rubbing strength so for example, the binder is suited to be used for diaper of baby doll. Further, when coloring agent, Neo Color (coloring pigment paste) is compounded with the binder and printed, it is reversibly changed from colored opaque to colored transparent with water and increased the hiding power of the preprinted design. In addition, Matsui manufactures the binder B-0821 which is a water based Ink for Silk Screen Printing and through printing the relevant Ink onto olefin waterproof paper (UPO), coating paper, etc., its design/pattern changes from White Color to Transparent when wetted with water and changes back to the original White again when dried reversibly.

Please visit Matsui's website or contact us directly for product details.