Packaging and Food Processing

Melchers works in partnership with global packaging and food processing companies. We undertake a range of distribution activities, working amongst others with European packaging specialists and manufacturers of top performance food testing equipment.


Melchers Malaysia Bagging Palletizing

Payper is an expert in bagging systems for bulk solids, powders and granules serving in particular the chemical, food, feed, construction and minerals industries. They develop and supply turn-key solutions for each application using a wide range of proven machines. Melchers supplies the full range of Payper's equipment, combined with an efficient customer-focused after sales service.

Please visit Payper's website or contact us for product details.

Can Seaming

Melchers Malaysia Seaming Cans

With a capacity ranging from 20 to 2,500 seamed cans per minute, Ferrum can seamers are used for a variety of applications. Whether for canning food, canning beverages or manufacturing cans – Ferrum has the ideal can seamer. The wide range of features also makes it possible to develop customised solutions.

Please visit Ferrum's website or contact us for product details.

Food Testing

Melchers Malaysia Food Testing2

Melchers exclusivley supplies Brabender’s food testing instruments. The equipment can be used in all fields of milling, baking, starch, confectionary, yeast, tobacco as well as extrusion.

Please visit Brabender’s website for product details or contact us directly.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Melchers Malaysia Packaging Equipment

Sepha has established a global reputation for innovation and development of specialised, high quality equipment for use in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical blister packs, medical devices and healthcare products. The products enable customers to create high quality blister packs, to accurately detect leaks and weak seals in packaging and to recover high value products from blister packs. Melchers supplies Sepha's smart solutions to recover, leak test and package your products.

Please visit Sepha's website or contact us directly for product details.

Packaging Machines

Melchers Malaysia Packaging Machines

Our partner Velteko is a Czech producer of vertical packaging machines for packaging a wide variety of products into various types of pillow and block bottom bags. The bags are shaped by the machine from film rollstock. The direction of the movement of the film on the tube of the machine is vertical - downwards. Velteko vertical baggers operate as intermittent or continuous operation mode and are designed for medium to high speed production requirements. A variety of features can be incorporated into the bag design including various methods of reclosure for example tape, label, zipper and memory strip.

Please visit Velteko's website or contact us for product details.


Melchers Malaysia Autoclaves

In line with our partner companies we offer specific solutions for heat treatment for each need. Our portfolio includes retorts for all types of heat preserved low acidity foodstuffs such as preserves, pre-cooked, baby food, functional nutrition, dietary products and hospital food, milk drinks and pet food either sterilised or pasteurised in all types of containers including film and tetra pak laminated cardboard.

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Labelling machinery

Melchers Malaysia BRB Globus

Melchers supplies both linear and rotary labelling machines that feature hot, cold glue and adhesive technology and are sold to the alcoholic beverage, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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