General Engineering

In partnership with global engineering companies Melchers carries out their distribution activities throughout Malaysia.

Intelligent Process Cooling

Melchers Malaysia Ecodry

50+ Years and 10,000+ Installations Equal Better Results

Since the 1960s, some of the world’s leading manufacturers have turned to Frigel to move beyond traditional central cooling tower and chiller systems and toward improved process cooling performance in their operations.

Time after time, the results show increases in energy efficiency, water conservation, up-time and many other measures – empowering new levels of operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Melchers is exclusively representing Frigel in the region.

Ultrasonic Welding

Melchers Malaysia Sonosystems

As the partner of Schunk Sonosystems we offer the latest ultrasonic welding technology on the market. The products of Schunk Sonosystems cover the entire spectrum of welding applications using ultrasonic welding including amalgamation of non-ferrous metals and thermoplastic synthetics.

Please visit Schunk Sonosystem's website or contact us for product details.

Winding machines

Melchers Malaysia Ruff

Melchers supplies winding machines from leading European manufactures.


Laser Welding Systems

Melchers Malaysia Soutec

Our partner Soutec is a specialist for laser and rolled seam resistance welding systems for a wide range of applications. With the latest development of fully automated state-of-the-art laser welding systems for light poles, Soutec recognizes the enormous potential of laser process technology.

Please visit Soutec's website or contact us directly for product details.

Cable Systems

Melchers Malaysia Cable Systems

Our partner Nexans is a global expert in cables and cabling systems for infrastructure, industrial such as shipbuilding, petroleum and aeronautical sectors and construction markets. Melchers is a supplier of Nexans machinery for the cable and tube production.

Please visit Nexans webiste or contact us for product details.